Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Year of Sally Ride and Return of the Jedi.  The year of my first breath, as the radio played softly in the hospital room. One of nearly 19 million infants born that day.  One of a few million giving their parents near heart attacks, as I rested in PICU for a few weeks, but, like frantically watching a mother's young on National Geographic, I made it past the perils and survived.

The few remaining years of the 80s, that I can recall, were magical.  I was not aware of the teenagers pining for Rob Lowe or Corey Haim.  I was more aware of endlessly running through cow pastures, which stretched for what seemed like miles between my grandparents' home and my great-uncle's property.  Barefoot and alive, sometimes paying for it with bee stings on my feet.  There were years of hiding with my cousins in the laundry room, while our parents and the Easter bunny hid eggs in the yard.  I fearlessly jumped in the pool and dodged horse flies and enthusiastic canon balls, while my mom and dad looked on and laughed.

Despite any hard times we have faced and face again, I close my eyes and remember.  Then, I give my children their own memories, so that they will one day happily reminisce.

I would like to dedicate this post to my Uncle Jerry. Thank you for providing me with some of the best memories one could ever wish for. Knowing full well that your sister did not want me running clear across the pasture, only to see what you were up to with the horses, you would still bend down and have the greatest two minute conversations with me. Then you would say, "You better run over back to your Mamaw's, before she knows you're way over here," and, with that, you smiled and waved. Enjoy your time in Heaven and all the comfort and love it has to offer, sweet Uncle.

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    1. Thanks, pretty lady. :) It definitely is easier said than done to focus on positive aspects in your life, past or present, but doing so makes all the difference in the world. It felt really good to write this post.


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