Thursday, April 11, 2013

Live Music: Sheryl Crow at Seaworld Orlando

I love Sheryl Crow.  Her music is relatable, strong, yet romantic at the same time, and fun.  John and I had the opportunity to go see her in concert at the Seaworld Orlando Bands, Brew, & BBQ concert.  We already had a year pass (thanks, Nori!), so we decided to do the VIP seats for a few bucks more.

Worth every penny.  Which wasn't a lot, because we certainly can't afford to go crazy.

She sounded phenomenal, and she's HOT.  Talk about motivation for being in your 50's.  Dang.

Oh, and she gets awesome mommy points for bringing her youngest son on stage.

Sheryl also played some music from her new album, which will be released in September.  I loved it all, especially her newest single, "Easy".  Hearing live music always makes it much better, plus seeing that she's such a nice and humble woman brings it all to totally new level.  

Sheryl Crow by Gabrielle Serrano on Grooveshark


  1. No joke you should offer her these pictures. They are amazing and better than ones I have seen her professional photographer take

    1. Wow! That's really nice of you. I was just happy to be sitting that close to the stage and be able to use a camera other than my cell phone! I'll definitely look into that, Chrissy. Thanks again!

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