Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Sweatpants Day

My Facebook friends have already read about this, but the other day, I was wearing my usual t-shirt and sweatpants.  It got a little chilly inside the house, and I threw on a floral cardigan.  My daughter's response was, "Why are you so dressed up?"  What does that say about my style, huh?  Oh well.  Sometimes I try a little harder, even if I only see 2 or 3 extra people that day.  I do read Vogue occasionally, and I love all the stylish posts of some hip mommy bloggers.  I don't own a ton of clothes anymore, so I try and stretch my closet out as far as possible.  Sweatpants usually win.  I'm ok with that.


No worries - I do this pose everyday.  Sometimes in public, sometimes not.

I still love neon, and I've had this fluorescent cotton jacket for probably 7 years (H&M).  I thought it would be one of those fads that would die down.  Maybe it has, and I just look like a neon clown.  I like when people mix bright colors with something on the complete opposite of the color spectrum.  Like a toned down, basic neutral.


My coral dress is from Marshall's.  My husband remembered I liked it and grabbed it for me before Valentine's Day.  So sweet. :)

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