Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Love You, J. Crew, but....

I am smitten with J. Crew, as many people are.  Very low-key, yet fashion forward outfits.  I swoon over their clothes every single time a new catalog is released.  However, the prices are not quite on my side.  I understand that they use high-quality material, and their designs are absolute perfection; still, it's a lot of moolah.  So, I decided to pick three outfits that I really, really, really adore, and I went on an online bargain hunt.  Here is what I found:

I am a light, neutral kind of girl.  The above J. Crew look is flawless.  I hopped on over to Old Navy and found a similar cut blouse with off-white tones, and the site also has a couple of white lace skirts to choose from.  I went for the one I liked best and isn't hugging my derriere.

The peplum tops and dresses are very in right now.  I usually think date night or party outfit with peplum, but I love how J. Crew toned it down with a basic pair of denim shorts.   Oh, and Walmart (yes, Walmart!) is currently selling a black peplum top.  It's online only; so, you are taking your chances with the fit.  It's worth a try, perhaps!  And, of course, you kind find denim shorts just about anywhere.  I'm not a big fan of wearing short shorts.  I believe bermuda shorts would be better suited for me.

I don't think I have ever looked at metallic shorts and shook my head approvingly.  Until now.  I love this light blue, sleeveless oxford with the pale metallics.  It's like grown-up metallic.  The shorts weren't on the website for sale, but J. Crew shorts range anywhere from $40-$80.  I found some light pink metallic shorts on the Forever21 site.  Now, I'm not known for being J. Lo for nothin', so I'm always careful in picking out shorts from Forever21 (cuz they little).  The J. Crew shirt has a little added bling to it, but you can find a shiny necklace to pair with your version.

I'm not trying to tell you, "HEY, go buy these outfits!."  Fashion that makes you feel good about yourself shouldn't be unattainable.  Go on clothing sites that you love and click on the outfits which really catch your eye.  Save it to your phone, print it, whatever, and take it on your next shopping trip!  You might come up with something that looks almost exactly the same.

J.Crew, Old Navy, Target, Forever21, and Walmart own the above images.  This was not a paid advertisement.

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