Monday, May 13, 2013

Movies I Have Lived In

A few weeks ago I told you about the movies I could live in, and now I'm sharing with you my reality.  Ok, so not exactly my reality.  They are movies.

////// This movie is not exactly my life, but my grandmother and her sisters were all pretty much like this.  All into their silliness and gossip, and you absolutely loved them for it.  Minus the booze.

////// I think many parents can relate to some aspects of this movie.  My kids aren't nearly close to how bad Junior is (angels compared to him), but, they've definitely had their moments.  I am positive my mother thought the same about me.

////// Filmed in Central Florida!  Probably one of the closest portrayals to life as a parent that I've ever seen.  I'm not just speaking for myself, considering my kids are still very young, but my own parents can nod their heads throughout most of the movie.  It also inspired the hit TV show, Parenthood.

////// Filmed and based in Louisiana.  I think I had about 3 or 4 Aunt Ouisers.  I took an acting class in college, and I was pretty awful in it.  However, my monologue from Steel Magnolias was spot on.  "Oh!  He's a real gentleman!  I bet he takes the dishes out of  the sink before he PEES in it!"

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