Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For the Little Lady - Style Post

My kids are growing like Superman weeds, especially my daughter.  Do kids these days just seem taller to you?  I am constantly donating clothes, and they aren't mine!  With it being June, I am already way ahead of my daughter when it comes to thinking about clothes for the new school year, and I love any excuse to look online for adorable clothes (way more fun than looking for myself).  I love all the brights mixed with traditional designs, refreshing mints, and new cuts on basic t-shirts.  I'm sure my daughter is too excited to be thinking about clothes for late August.  She can't hide it.

This post is not an advertisement.  Clothing selected and images compiled by mouseVOLATILE.  Clothing images belong to GAP, ZARA, and The Children's Place.


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