Monday, June 3, 2013

Not My House - Beach Inspired Edition

I recommended that I should help  My mother so kindly asked for my opinion in regards to the design of her guest room.  They had a family member of ours living with them for a while, and he got himself a new rental.  After he moved out, she pulled out the carpet, placed in some Prego boards, and she painted the room a nice green, fittingly titled "Restful."  She is set on it being coastal inspired, which I believe is a great idea.  We're in Florida, so there's plenty to choose from.  Lots of shells, light colors, natural looking decor.  We created a secret Pinterest board, and now I'm gonna get all editorial up in here:

Sherwin Williams Restful - Source
Twin Bed Image - Source (this link is not the original source)
Shell Garland Image - Source
Shells Comforter - Source
Beachcomber Bench - Source
Coral Comforter - Source

Not too bad, right?  We believe the bed linens should be very natural.  Whites, creams, light greens/blues, corals.  She wants to achieve a relaxing environment, as if you just stepped into your very own private coastal cottage.  I think subtle decor, such as vases filled with sea glass, white distressed furniture, images and/or figurines of sea creatures, and photographs of family members at the beach, would pull everything together.  We are on the lookout for two twin-sized beds.  They do not have to match, but the goal is very rustic, like maybe cast iron or something lightly distressed.

Sea Glass Filler - Source
Jellyfish Rug - Source

Once we get started on the room, I will post the actual pictures and the decision making process.  It might take a few weeks or all Summer.  Check for updates on my Instagram as well (click camera icon below for link).


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