Friday, June 7, 2013

Sugar and Dots: Project It's Happy Here

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If you use Instagram or Twitter on a regular basis, then you are quite possibly familiar with the use of hashtags to help other users locate your photos or tweets.  Today, I would like to share a particular hashtagged phrase that has a significant meaning.  A phrase that brings so much positive energy into the online community.

I have been following the blog, Sugar and Dots, since I started the The Late, Young Family. Kimmie is very kind-hearted, she's a wonderful mother, and she writes REAL, sincere posts that I relate to quite often.  After the Sandy Hook tragedy, she wrote about starting a movement on Instagram -  one that will bring light, happiness, and hope into days that aren't so great.  Whether you're dealing with depression, something just isn't going your way, or maybe you're having the absolute best day and are looking for more reasons to smile,  simply type itshappyhere in your hashtag search field.   Share YOUR happiness with us by adding #itshappyhere to your description. 

Below are some photos that were shared through #itshappyhere.  They made me smile.  Feel free to let the following know you found them through itshappyhere!

Visit Kimmie at Sugar and Dots (click name) to let her know if you will be joining in on her project or even to say, "Hello."  I'm sure she will be happy to have you.  Can't wait to see what you've shared, and we would be thrilled if you passed on this information!


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