Monday, July 1, 2013

Bright Mix Gallery Wall for the Lady

Happy July, y'all!

My daughter has the BRIGHTEST pink princess dungeon ever.  When we first bought our house, she was (and still is) in love with red-violet.  I was not about to paint her room a bright fuchsia, which is what red-violet was to her; so, I suggested a "light" red-violet.

We chose Second Blush from Valspar, and I honestly had no idea that it would make her room look almost fluorescent.  A couple months ago, I considered maybe painting one wall a different color, but I'm not in the market to buy new paint, and I couldn't figure out a color that would go well, while suiting her style.  I started looking around for ideas, deciding to just add a bunch of fun frames and designs - something that would break up all the color.  Here is the first step in doing so.

Bright Mix Gallery Wall

She has a pink floating shelf that we found at a garage sale, and it basically fades into the wall, since the colors are so close.  I thought the area above it would be the perfect little spot to start transforming her room.

Stars 4-Ever by Robyn on Grooveshark

I made the sign with "You & Me Together Stars Forever" probably a year ago .  It's our little mother/daughter song that we hold near and dear to our hearts - press play button above to hear it.  The sign is made from a piece of MDF that was at the bottom of an old dresser drawer.  I know...brilliant.  It's amazing what you come up with when you have a zero dollar budget!  ;)  I taped off where I wanted the herringbone pattern and used some leftover sample paint to color it in.  I lightly drew in the type with a pencil and went over it with some acrylic paint.  That's it!

Here are a couple more money saving ideas:

Here is the overall look:


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