Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Step One

There are plenty of events in life that will knock you down.  I've had my share, and I know that there are way more people in the world who have gone through MUCH worse than I have.  It's no secret that my own family has been experiencing some crappy struggles, but it is all just "stuff" that we can conquer and get past.

One small struggle is our home.  I say small because, compared to some other issues, it should almost be a nonissue.  I ripped the carpets, one small section at a time, out of our dining area, living room, and hallway.  It looks like absolute crap right now, as do most renovations, but it's going to take a while before we can get it ALL looking like new again.  When our dogs were younger, they really did a number on our carpets and furniture, and, since the carpet was very basic, it did not hold up.  I pretty much had it, and took it to the road.

We finally started to patch it all up with some new flooring.  My mother had ripped up the carpet in her closet, and, instead of having some expensive flooring installed, she bought vinyl planks from Lowes.  I knew that it would be a great idea to do the same in our house.  I priced out some planks that I thought would look best with our gray walls, and, at $47/box (40 sq ft), I chose Style Selections planks in Antique Woodland Oak.  I started in our little dining area, and what a difference so far!  We plan to buy 1-2 boxes every week, because it obviously adds up.  I cannot wait to see (and show off) the end result!

So far, they have been very easy to apply.  I just make sure that the area is free of fur and dirt (as much as I can - who am I kidding).  They're not difficult to cut in half for staggering purposes.  I probably could have done a better job at fitting some sections in where the wall wasn't exactly straight, but that's my fault for being impatient.  There are grooves in the planks to make it look and feel like real wood flooring, which I love.  The other great news is that my dogs have not shown any interest in trying to pull them up.  I will show progress pics as we move along.

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