Monday, January 27, 2014

Phone Photog - 4th Birthday Edition

I am off to a wonderful start bloggin' wise in the new year!  Hey...I do what I can do.  My son turned the big FOUR on the 19th, and just thinking about it makes me frown in only the most endearing kind of way.  He is the feistiest little thing.  He really took the "it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to" part seriously.  That boy.  Love him to pieces!

On his actual birthday, however, we ran around Downtown Disney, and we had a great time.

Reasons we love DT Disney:
1.  It's free to park (at least for now)
2.  Boat rides
3.  Fun little places to shop
4.  Carousel and train ride
5.  Huge theatre
6.  Restaurants
7.  Build Legos or Mr. Potato Heads....for free
8.  Oh and no Disney park admission fee (YAY)

Check out his new kicks:

I think it's so funny how much he loves new shoes.  He has been wanting red shoes FOREVER, and he finally picked out a pair at the Nike Outlet store.

The next Monday, the kids and my mom had the day off.  We spent that day going out for lunch, and she treated her grandson with a brand new DS game and a haircut.

I read a lot about the men in our lives (like husbands, fathers, grandfathers), who help out with fixing things up around the house or solving household dilemmas.  Well, my mom is actually that person for us.  She is our go-to problem-solver.  You can ask my entire family...she knows what's up.  My mom was kind enough to take a trip to the hardware store for a few items, and she created the swing of my daughter's dreams!  Thanks, Mamaw!

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