Monday, February 10, 2014

Gala of the Royal Horses in Orlando

My daughter LOVES horses.  We have talked about setting her up with lessons or horse camp, but, well, it's not the cheapest of hobbies.  To hold her over for a while, my mom and I escorted her to the Royal Gala of Horses tour at the UCF arena.

BTW, I'm almost 5'5".  My daughter is going to be taller than me.  It's a given.  Back to the show - it was amazing!  We  arrived early, not knowing that our tickets included a meet and greet session.  Talk about great timing.  The creator/riding master, Rene Gasser, came out with his daughter and two beautiful horses.

They answered several questions about the stallions and their lineage (which goes back hundreds of years).  I do not know a ton about anything equine-related, but there were obviously several enthusiasts who knew just what to ask. The trainers were very kind and happy to provide a tremendous amount of information.  The discipline of the horses was remarkable.  Wish I brought my Canon, but it's usually hit or miss at events. I don't like to risk leaving it in my car.

I almost yelled, "ATREYU!!!"  Almost.  Like just about every time I see a white horse.

The breeds at the show were Spanish Andalusians, Arabians, Fresians, and Lipizzaners.  They were stunning.

Look at that mane!  Gorgeous!

They also had a flamenco dancer come out and dance alongside one of the stallions.  Simply breathtaking.  And the singers for the show made it all come to life.  If the Gala of the Royal Horses makes it to a city near you, I highly recommend them.  This is their first time in North America, and I think it would be great to get more people at their shows.

Go to their website here, and there is a video that gives you an idea of the performances we saw, as well as their performance schedule.  All of my friends in Louisiana - they're performing in Baton Rouge AND Monroe (yay!).  They'll eventually swing back around to Florida in April.  

This is an article from the Orlando Sentinel from the 2/8/14 show at UCF.

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  1. Lovely! I think horses are such beautiful, photogenic creatures. My 3 year old loves horses. I'm not sure why, I never was into them much as a young child, but I think it's endearing. I love the photo of the white horse lit up like it's glowing! Gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend!


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