Monday, March 10, 2014

Fresh Air

We have the viral infection of the apocalypse in our house.  Just thought I would let y'all know the world is ending right now, and it has started WITH US.  I might be going a little crazy.

Usually, I do everything possible to annoy our HOA - if any of the members are reading this, I really love you (LOVE YOU SO MUCH) - but with this illness floating around, I have used each and every excuse to walk outside.

Not any big projects.  Just enjoying the nice weather, sprucing up the porch, and moving other plants around.

Those amaryllis bulbs are from my grandfather's home in Louisiana.  He sent them to me when we first moved into our place. They did not enjoy the area where they were planted, so I dug a majority up and gave them some temporary homes.

I love Harvey & Sons tea tins, and I knew the one pictured above would be a charmer!

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