Friday, March 7, 2014

March Run

I said in January that I would create a new running playlist every month.  Well, let's just forget February happened, because we broke up.  It was ugly.

I'm not bitter.

I threw the following songs into my March playlist rotation.  They are awesome.  I've been upping my pace a bit, but I'm sure many would still compare me to the above quote.  Hey, whatever.  I'm 100x better than I was in high school.

If you cannot see the embedded playlist, here is a list of the songs.

1.  "All This Way" - Amanda Fondell
2.  "Thinking About You" - Calvin Harris
3.  "Embrace" - Goldroom
4.  "Kisser" - Step Rockets
5.  "Swim" - Fickle Friends
6.  "All of You" - Peter Thomas
7.  "I Should've Been After You" - Rooney
8.  "Move Your Feet" - Junior Senior
9.  "Latch" - Disclosure

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