Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Transition

I have mentioned in several posts that my front porch has been a work in progress.  IT STILL IS, but it's finally becoming an area that is part of my home.  And, since I am getting much better at keeping my plants alive longer than a month or two, it's really turning into my own little oasis.  I wanted to share a few pictures with you from I guess about a month ago.  It's gone through more changes since then, but it's still pretty close to how it looks now.

I have never created an arrangement with an assortment of plants before.  I wanted something bright.  Something that would do a great job withstanding this Central Florida heat as well!  

I love hydrangeas.  I also have the absolute worst luck with them, but I've managed to keep this one alive.  I had to cut the blooms off recently, but it's doing very well.  I also have another one that was near the brink of extinction last year, but I took it out of the ground and threw it into a pot.  I just noticed its first bloom in over a year!  

My mother is always donating plants from her house.  Saves a ton of money!

I have two vines - passion flower and dutchman's pipe.  I love vines growing over covered porches, and these have grown a lot since this photo was taken.  If they start to look dingy, I plan on cutting them back and trying them in a new place.

I have added a lavender coffee table and rearranged the furniture. As soon as I have it all back in line, I will share it here!

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