Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to the Tree Farm

We try our best go to Santa's Christmas Tree Forest in Eustis, FL every year.  You can read about our 2013 visit here.  As crowded as it was, we were still able to enjoy everything.  They put in a lot of work and used that hard earned Christmas tree money, by completely renovating the place between last year and this year.

My daughter LOVES animals, and, while I realize tons of kids like animals, she REALLY LOVES them.  We had to ban her from all pet stores for a while, because she absolutely loses her mind, when she can't leave with a cat, or lizard, or unicorn.  So, guess who was a happy camper at this place???

I mean.  Can you blame her?

We usually go and just join in on all of the activities and walk out with no tree.  This time we took one home with us.  My husband really can be Clark Griswold at times.  Why not make him an honorary Griswold?  He cut down our tree. Squirrel not included, thankfully.

And then there was the sunset.

Now, we have our tree home, it's decorated, and our house smells as fresh as it did at the farm.

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